Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Add Rum

A while ago, k-ster was remodeling a house with someone, and when they took out the walls, he found this recipe stuck in it.  Thinking this was some kind of destiny, I made this cake for someone's birthday.  It was either his, or his mother's.  We had some of his family here for it.
 Notice the pink post it.  You are supposed to put 1/3 cup of rum in the batter and then 1/3 cup of rum in the "frosting".  I say "frosting" because it consists of cool whip, rum, pudding mix and crushed pineapple.  That is not a frosting.  We found 1/3 cup of rum in the frosting to be WAAAAAAY too much.

 It's pretty.  It sounds excellent.  Like a pina colada cake.  I like coconut, I usually like cake, I love pineapple and I like the smell of rum.  You can't go wrong.

But, we didn't all seem to love it so much.  It was good but not great.  The "frosting" was a little overkill with the rum.  And no one asked me for the recipe.

Today is k-ster's birthday.  We celebrated it last night with a cousin, so we had a yellow cake and a chocolate cake.

Somehow, I got a bug up my butt that I needed to make this cake again for his birthday.  Now, we had a snowstorm today, but I plowed ahead (ha ha ha ha ha ha) and went to the grocery for the 2 boxes of pudding mix, the cool whip, the pineapple and the rum.  3 out 4 things I would never have laying around my house. 

I should call this fake cake.

But I make it "real" because I don't use cake mix.  I refuse to use cake mix.  Sadly, I don't make good yellow cakes.  They taste like crap every time.  It's the oil.  I learned not to use olive oil the hard way, but even canola oil I can taste and smell.

Chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, patty cakes, I can make those with no complaints.

Now, the normal person would probably not say that the issue with my yellow cakes is the smell and taste of the oil.  They are also kind of dense.  But because I am super smell and taste sensitive, all I can think about is the smell of fat.

I can smell fat from a mile away.  We have some kind of soap in our dispensers at school that is supposed to be super clean or whatever and all I can smell in it is fat.    No one knows what I am talking about.

But I digress.

I kind of thought that using my yellow cake recipe with the things that this recipe calls for would cancel out the fat taste, but it doesn't work that way.  Between the oil in the cool whip and the oil in the cake, it's like a greasefest and I can't enjoy it.

Maybe that's why I frosted it like I had actually consumed the 2/3 cup of rum first.

 Maybe that's the key.  Take some big swigs of rum and then eat it and it taste soooooo good.

K-ster still says it tastes good but I'm not so sure.  I should probably throw the recipe away because I will never buy a yellow cake mix, so I will never make this cake taste good.

Happy birthday to k-ster who spent #38 waiting all day for the snow to stop so he can now spend all night snowblowing and plowing.    The only better present would be if he owned a snowmobile and could be at Snowdeo right now.   But, it looks like my future as a pastry chef is nil, so I guess pushing snow around will have to suffice.

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