Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Was Fair With Bucky

We went to the county fair to see Bucky Covington. I didn't know how much I enjoy his songs until he started singing them. I mainly wanted to go because I thought I liked him and it was only $10 to get in, so that's a pretty cheap concert.

The other thing that drew me to the fair was the promise of kangaroos. I like kangaroos. It was pretty hot, so they were pretty lazy.

Then there was this hideous thing. An albino kangaroo. I didn't know kangaroos really looked like rats, but this one sure did. For $10 I could hold a baby kangaroo but that seemed silly so I just took picture for free.

Then we looked at all the animals, k-ster indulged me so, and watched some horse pulling and some western riding. I used to think the horse pulling was really mean but my mother always tried to convince me that they love it. They do seem to get so exited as they are being hitched up and they sure don't look bothered afterward. I didn't get any pictures of the horses, not sure why. They were pretty impressive Belgians. Very large with hooves the size of my head, I am not kidding.

It was about 5:30, so we claimed our space on the lawn with our chairs. I had my fabulous circus chair which promised several times to snag my hair with the velcro until I put the top up on the chair and it was fine. We saw someone else with a solid color one. Then the thunder came but I pretended it was the military base next door. Then it got really dark for early evening. Then my sister texted to take cover fast. We debated and decided to move into a large tent and wait it out. While there, we were accosted by the man selling hot tubs in it, trying to give us the best deal ever since it was the last day of the fair. But I will not entertain the idea of a hot tub, so that was that. We got sick of him and moved on to another building with flower arrangements. It was a long wait there and k-ster kept suggesting that the show would be canceled but I could see bright sky. Then I called the main office, which I could almost see from the door but wasn't about to run through the rain and they said it was on. And just a half hour before the show, it stopped raining. It was a good show. He's funny and has a twin brother who plays the bongo drums. They are identical. I don't pay attention to American Idol, but I guess both brothers were on but only Bucky went somewhere with it. Looks like they are having fun anyway.

That's him there but my phone wasn't zooming enough.

There he is again, I swear.

One more, why not.

Definitely worth the $10 to get in, the $5 I spent on fried dough and the ugly pink dress I bought that looks like a little kid's dress I'm trying to squeeze into. That was not worth the $20 I paid. Remember when you were little and you had those fun summer dresses with the little spaghetti straps and the stretchy top? They've come back and I think they are fabulous on everyone else.

Not so fabulous on me. Maybe I saved this from when I was 8 and I'm trying to fit my adult body into it. I feel very fat and squished into this dress. I thought it would be my default dress for the rest of the summer but now I'm not so sure. Of course it's pink. You might remember my fascination with pink. I had seen other varieties of this dress all over the fair but wouldn't shell out $20 for one. Then I saw a pink one and I was SOLD. Fatty Patty must have made that decision for me.

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  1. I am glad you liked Bucky. he is a lot of fun.
    The dress looks good on you. You just need a pair of pink cowboy boots to finish off the look.
    I would lend you mine, but they are signed by Bucky! LOL! ~moon


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