Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back On Track

Earlier today(like 3 minutes ago), I had a silent melt down because my ipod wasn't working and I had to go teach a class and needed the music. This wasn't quite the crisis it would have been if the class was a spin class where you MUST have music. Pilates can be done with nothing. But, I am in the middle of a book on tape that I need to finish listening to, plus, I couldn't figure out how to shut the damned thing off(hate no on/off buttons). This was my plea to the world:

My ipod has the white screen of death!! Everyone I know seems to have iphones so they don't know what to tell me. It's a little ipod nano that does marvelous things for me in the fitness world. I plugged it into the computer to recharge and it came up with a white screen but itunes recognized it. When I ejected it, it still didn't come to life. I tried to turn it off but can't. Nothing is working. I replugged it in and now itunes doesn't recognize it. Suggestions? I am off to teach pilates with no music. It's not so awful since it's at the beach and there is plenty of background noise. But I must have my ipod working!!!

Then I blogged white screen ipod and came up with the right answer. This site told me what to do and it worked! (once I figured out which two buttons they meant, that took a few minutes). Now everything is just dandy everything is being recognized and I still have to go teach that pilates class. You might remember, it's at the beach. A lovely concept, not so lovely in its execution. Some things are not meant to be done in the sand.

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