Friday, July 9, 2010

Gardening Sensation

When people say they have or don't have a green thumb, I get really annoyed. I am firm believer that the only thing plants need to grow is adequate water and someone to check on their progress. My thumb turns whatever color the substance is that I'm sticking it into and yet I have great luck with plants. I stick to my watering and paying attention theory and then I break all the rules when it comes to gardening. Some call it Going Rogue in the garden. My name is not Sarah, therefore I just call it Gardening.

Recently, I have become a HUGE fan of lilies. Around here, the orange Daylilies(so named because the flower opens for a day and then dies off) are extremely common and I'm tired of them. Someone keeps giving me different types of Daylilies as she thins her supply and they are doing just marvelously despite my bad behavior.

Now here is where I do bad things in the garden and get great results. First of all, there is no rhyme or reason to where I put most things in my garden. Anything that isn't a vegetable goes outside the fence since I don't care if anything eats them. This set of lilies is actually behind just about everything in the garden though they should be up front as showcase. I have to confess that twice I have been given these lilies to transplant and twice I have left them in the bag in the freezing winter and then tossed them into the ground in spring and clearly, they don't care. They just pop up anyway. I also have no idea which color is where, so it's kind of fun to see what comes up every year. I never water these babies and look what they are doing anyway! My FAVorite is one of the lighter ones that sadly does not look right in any picture we take. It's this unreal ivory color but in this picture it's nothing special. The other light ones are light yellow and are just as nice.

Here we have what we jokingly call the Scales of Justice. We aren't a law office, clearly we are a trailer park, but it's fun to look at them here and think we might have to weigh whether or not we think you are worthy enough to park your trailer here. Now here is another example of crazy gardening behavior. The impatien (did you know that they Impatiens, not Impatients?)on the left has been wintered over at school, and as usual, I never gradually bring them back into the sun and they usually fry at first. I just have no patience for that! This is the result of being repotted and cut back. No harm done.

I'm a native girl at heart, so I'm letting native things (except that #%$*%ing poison ivy) grow in my presence with abandon. This is milkweed, though someone tells me it looks like bamboo with its joints and height. The height of these is nothing compared to some I've seen. These are about 5 feet tall but I've seen some closer to 8 feet. These flowers will become the milkweed pods that most people are familiar with. They also smell quite nice, though k-ster disagrees, and my favorite part is they bring the bees. I like bees in my garden because they do good work!

Finally, you might say I have a knack for geraniums. These things are amazing. Did you know you can just cut them off at a joint, cut the leaves back a few inches, shove them in the pot and you have another whole plant? Another rogue move, I just keep breaking them off (who has time to get scissors?)and sticking them in pots so now I have many colors in one pot. I bring them into school in the winter where they go absolutely crazy in the sun and then never have to buy new plants. I think these might be 4-5 years old in some pots. They love to be cut back and they are so easy to repropigate. There's Miss Thrifty coming out again! Why buy new plants if you can just keep the old ones going and regenerate them???

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  1. lol. Do you live in the midwest by any chance?

    I don't care for lilies myself (they are my dad's favorite though). They grow wild here so it makes sense that they'd be easy to grow.

    Do you have experience with hostas? Yeah, well, all my friends have these lovely hostas in their front flower beds. They are the perfect size. So I bought some off the clearance rack at Wal-Mart for $2.00 each a couple years ago. Holy cow. They are completely unruly. The things are freaking HUGE. I don't mean huge as in, "Wow! She is really good at growing stuff." I mean huge as in, "Oh my gosh! That plant is going to eat the house! Don't let the children get too close!"

  2. I know a lot about hostas. They are idiot proof. Not that you are one, but I think monkeys grow them somewhere. I know they LOVE water and most love shade, so if you give them that, STEP BACK. I stole me some hostas. Actually, Thrifty tole me to do it. They were babies that had left their parents and were just sitting in the gravel looing puny, so I dug them up. It took 2 years but they have now gone crazy, though not as crazy as their source. The parent plants have leaves that are like elephant ears.


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