Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pilates on the Beach

Hmm, Church on the Beach, Pilates on the Beach, there seems to be a theme here. I have been teaching water aerobics at a swanky private summer club for 5 years. Water aerobics does not thrill me and I decided I wouldn't do it this summer. It's just not stimulating for me, the women prefer to gab rather than work, and I just don't feel like I'm giving them the workout they need. $5 more per hour changed my mind.

This year, the club I'll call Richmere, was bought by someone else and they are going to really swankify it. They want to grow the membership and make it a year round destination club, not just for the summer people. Enter the suggestion of adding Pilates at the beach. I was expecting the same crowd as water aerobics and let's just say, they are not the Pilates type. Not that I am trying to stereotype since I believe in my heart anyone CAN do Pilates, they just have to be willing to work. And the Pool Ladies just aren't ready to work.

However, these hot mommas I had in Pilates today were ready to work and it was fun. I kept looking around thinking I felt like I was on one of those fitness shows in Hawaii where they do it right on the beach. Boys were setting up chairs and umbrellas, kids were playing in bathing suits and there we were, legs in the air, doing Pilates. A shining moment for the Richmere folks, I am sure. But there's a new sheriff in town and he wants more members, so fit bodies with great legs in the air, it is.

It's reasons like this that remind me why I choose to live where I do and why I chose the career I did. Yes, 3 towns away they have a BOIL WATER order today, and yes, we have more homelessness than anyone cares to acknowledge and YES, we year rounders do have to make alternate driving plans if we actually plan to GET SOMEWHERE during the summer, and yes, we have to put up with the $&&## hole drivers from New York (I never used to believe that but you are all just the worst drivers EVER) but it is a wonderful place to live and I wouldn't change it for the world. What other career besides education would allow me the freedom to teach fitness on the beach of my own free will in the summer but still have a job in the winter? And that's pretty darn great.

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  1. Yes BOILING your water isn't a fun thing to hear, especially after making dinner with it last night and brushing your teeth with it this morning! They have yoga on the beach at Craigville... Keep meaning to go down and check it out.


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