Monday, July 5, 2010

Uhh Is There A Problem, Officer?

Today was an outrageously hot day, hotter than we consider normal around here, and since it was a holiday (observed) we lolled around all day. Most of it was spent on the hammock or in the circus chair (see yesterday's blog)in front of the house. Well, it's actually a side lawn, but you get to see all the action from the street, my parents' house next door and anyone who drives up the driveway.

After a pretty uninteresting day, k-ster even said how quiet it was, I went in to make supper. He decided to wash his truck in on the back lawn. We apparently can wash cars on lawns, but not take showers on them, in these parts. He came in snickering, asking if I was watching the show. The SHOW was 2 cruisers pulling over a car on the street, right between our houses. Not wanting to put myself in harm's way, I tried peeking out windows, but every window gave me a different view but none of them with the WHOLE view. So, I finally snuck outside and hung near The General so I could see and hear what was going on. They were making the people in the car really sweat it out, I could tell, when the two officers stood at the back of one of the cruisers and chatted. A third cruiser, this one with no lights on, had to join in the fun and now 3 of them were standing around, shooting the breeze, while the people in the car were gawked at by every passer by.

THEN, my father drove up the driveway and came upon: k-ster washing his truck, me lurking by The General and 3 cruisers with a pulled over car. His reaction, typcial of my father: What the hell is THIS? to which I replied, I have no idea. I still didn't know if the people in the car were masked bandits, drug runners, pimps, or just blew off a stop sign, so I was still lurking. I look out in the road and now my father has stopped traffic while he "chats" with the police officers. I guess this was not an urgent stop.

Eventually, I made my way to the circus chair for the best view and watched the driver get out and talk to someone on his phone, mentioning that the registration had expired. OOPS. And I was entertained because he had to keep repeating himself, due to the suspicious dead zone we have here on the compound. I soon tired of this boring traffic stop, was finished marveling that 3 paid officers were standing around chatting on my parents' lawn because these fools were driving an unregistered car, so I went back to cooking. The 3rd officer took off for some urgent call and after a while, k-ster said 2 of the 3 people in the car took all of their gear and walked home while the driver stayed to see the car get towed. Eventually the 2nd cop left and then there was one.

And then I realized this cop is why my father could never be a cop. Instead of being a mean, scary cop, he was chatting up the driver. They were becoming best friends while waiting for the tow truck. Then the cop says, Come on out here and let me show you, which in a movie would mean that the guy would be taken down and thrown into the car. Instead, the cop must have wanted to show him something really nifty on his laptop that they all have in their cars, because the cop got in the driver's side and the guy leaned into the window of the passenger side and proceeded to be entertained/amazed/in awe of whatever it was that the officer had to show. This is JUST what my father would have done. In fact, since we currently have firetruck in the yard to be delivered somewhere tomorrow, I am quite surprised my father didn't invite all of them to come and look at it while they were waiting for the tow truck.

Too soon, the tow truck came and took away the car and the driver. So much excitement. So sad for the cop. Rumor has it the guys were yelling out their windows at girls and got the attention of the cops and THEN there was an expired tag on the license plates. Idiots.

I took a picture, but figured that it was probably a bad idea to post pictures of local cops without their permission on my blog. Especially when I made mention of the fact that I have an outdoor shower!

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