Friday, July 30, 2010

Feel Good Friday

I haven't participated in this before, but thought I would today since I seem to have a mental block lately. If you don't know what Feel Good Friday is, visit The Girl Next Door Grows Up to find out about it.

So, I make a list of 5 things that made me happy this week. I will also say these things might have made me laugh, which always makes me happy.

1. I recently created an etsy store (is that redundant?) and within like an hour of putting up an afghan that I had been making, it sold! I am still blown away. This probably makes k-ster happier than it makes me because I spent like forever making this thing because I was using random colors and balls of yarn. I was happy to have it go to someone who wants it AND I made a little money in the process!

2. We had girls game night last night and played 2 games. The first, Apples to Apples didn't make me happy or laugh. Sorry, Apples to Apples creators, but it just wasn't fun. Do any of you enjoy this game? Maybe we were playing wrong. Then we played Taboo, a game I LOVE because I am quick with words when it comes to the describing part. Not so quick with the guessing, but I'm a good giver. I was monitoring the other team and my sister was giving. She had the word PAR but thought it was PAIR so she gave all the wrong clues. I was hysterical. She said you can eat these (thinking PEAR) or have one or two of them..... Somehow her team didn't get the word.

3. Laugh #3 involved Taboo again, but this time it was my mother. She was supposed to give clues for the word POLO and with so many taboo words she was having trouble. Her clues were "men play this in the water...with long sticks... wait did I say water? I mean they play it in the grass... with long sticks....Oh, pass!" We were dying. She said she said water because she was thinking of the game Marco Polo. That was a very good one.

4. I am the scholarship chair of a business group for women and we are giving 6 scholarships this year. Yesterday, we chose our 6 recipients who will get $1500 each and I am so excited because I get to call and tell them the fantastic news. Best part of my title!!

5. I used a different kind of saddle when I rode on Wednesday and though it was like starting all over again, I didn't fall off. I was able to do what she asked, for the most part, though not as smoothly as I have been. We were able to go out in the woods and I still had control. Maybe I have learned something about riding, after all.

Now pick your own Feel Good Friday fun stuff and link up!


  1. I think people either love or hate Apples to Apples, I also think it makes a differnce who you're playing with. I, for one, am an Apples to Apples lover:)

    Thanks for playing along and linking up today!

  2. sounds like a great week!!!! LOVE the one about your mom, it really made me smile!


  3. Congrats on selling the afghan! that rocks! I love the girls game night thing. I need to do this! And no, I do not enjoy Apples to Apples, but I can't tell anyone that because all my friends think it's great. :)

  4. So then what are we doing wrong that we don't like Apples to Apples and everyone else does? I thought it was D-U-M-B. Maybe I am too literal? I didn't think there was anything funny about it, it wasn't hilarious fun. Is one supposed to be drunk?


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