Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

I didn't like the Blog Bash challenge today, so I don't have a task. I'm left to my own devices. I think it's pretty funny anyway, that a bunch of grown women are taking orders from a teen at and doing our assignments because she tells us to. What is wrong with us? So here is a collection of the randomness in my head:

1. I have been buying bags of organic lemons lately and I have to tell you, they actually smell! I never used to smell lemons when I walked by the fruit bowl, but these organic lemons actually give off the most pleasant odor. They don't have that waxy resin coating that most citrus gets, so that must be the secret. I like to use lemons in things but lately, I just really love to smell them as I walk in and out of the kitchen. I don't think they smell differently because they are organic but because they are treated organically and not coated with something, the natural odor can actually come through. Very exciting.

2. The class I mentioned a few days ago, the one I dropped because they wanted us to have 4 face to face classes even though it clearly said the class would be online has been revised so I'm back in. I think everyone dropped when we were told to show up on campus the next day, so she revised the plan. Now it's all online but not what I thought. It's a French Immersion class with lots of communication, so I thought I would be Skyping. Instead, it's an old fashioned write and a read a million posts type thing. I'm not thrilled. There are actual assignments with due dates! Too much pressure. I am doing everything EXCEPT reading and writing like I am supposed to right now. Since I have my handy laptop that I won, I suppose I can do this anywhere but even with a laptop there are restrictions. This one is quite large and heavy. Had I bought one, this would not have been the model. My internet connection doesn't always work if I'm in the hammock. I just can't seem to get comfortable with this thing. However, I put up my 6 foot table to work on something and discovered that a small stool I have is just about the most perfect thing to sit on at this particular table to type. Hmmm.

3. It rained yesterday and it's so humid today I might just die. I think it's like 150% humidity right now and it just won't rain but it needs to. This means everything is soggy, including me and I hate to be trapped inside, so it's hard for me to justify sitting in the air conditioning even though it's miserably hot. My hammock is wet so I can't hang out in it and that makes me sad. I really like to spend some time each day in my hammock. It makes everything right with the world, somehow.

4. My aunt decided to have a Girls Game Night last night in her trailer and it was fun. We were supposed to sit outside where there is more room but it had rained and she recently had an episode with her awning, so there was no cover. We played inside and it was just right for 4 people. Next week there will be more people so we will have to play somewhere else if it rains or is buggy. We played Bananagrams which is my favorite game of late. It's a cool game because it comes in a zippered pouch that looks like a banana. You can carry it anywhere because there are just tiles, no board. It's like Scrabble but better because you can change your words whenever you want and each person is making their own little Scrabble game and competing to use all their letters first. I am a tad competitive so I enjoy it a lot. There is a speedier version called Banana Cafe but no one likes to play that version with me because I kick their ass every time. I'm speed and challenge oriented. Top it off with a prize that involves pink (the color, NEVER the singer) and I will just about kill a person if it means I can win. I lament that I never played organized sports but God knew that would have been a very bad idea and I would have knocked out everyone, including refs, if it meant I could have the ball. I was a cheerleader instead and we never did competitions so there wasn't too much harm that could be done.

It seemed like I had other randomness to share but nothing entertaining comes to mind so I'm off to try to get things done.

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  1. Right now our board games are very child oriented but I'm looking forward to the day when we can play the more adult oriented games again.


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