Thursday, July 8, 2010

Won and Lost

Which should I start with. I guess the WON. I have a laptop that I won in April, something that blew my mind, and I needed to get all of my itunes music from my old desktop to the laptop. As much as I do like Apple, though the only item I own is an ipod, I am rather aggravated with them about itunes. You can have up to 5 computers registered with your ipod. However, every time you want to sync your ipod with one of those computers, it has to erase what's on the ipod and replace it with what's in the itunes library for that computer. At least, this is what happens to me.

So, after fooling around trying to move my music from the desktop to my laptop and having no success, I broke down and looked it up online. From Apple itself, there is a site apologizing that it's not possible to move the music simply. Even with homeshare, it only transfers the music you bought. A major portion of my music was ripped from CDs over the years. Most annoyingly, I didn't want to have to redo all of my spin playlists. I read the directions about how to move the music. At first, I thought I could use my ipod to transfer the files, once I read about how to do that, but after hours of downloading to the ipod, it turned out to be too small. I thought I could just upload what I had downloaded and then go back and get the rest. But then I wasn't sure what had and had not dowloaded. And then I did something that made every single song on the new computer list 4 times. And the irony is that a lot of k-ster's music that I don't like is what managed to transfer. Limp Biskit times 4 isn't ok with me.

I finally realized that if I used a device with a bigger storage space, I could just do it all at once and stop messing around. Enter this fantastic external hard drive that I won with the laptop. It can hold the entire universe, I think. So, I threw away the mess I created on my laptop and stripped itunes bare. Then I downloaded the giant file from the old computer and uploaded it to the new one. LO AND BEHOLD, not only are all the songs there, they are there just one time each, ALL of my playlists tranferred as well as things like the number of times a song has played and when it was entered into itunes. I am amazing. So there, itunes, I WON this round. It just took me a few days to realize how to streamline it in case I have to do that again.

Now, the lost. I just about lost my mind at lunchtime. I was registered to take an online grad class through a college that's about 1.5 hours from here. I was psyched to find an online French Immersion class and wondered how in the world it would work. I figured there'd be lots of Skyping. The class is supposed to start tomorrow and TODAY I got the email explaining that there are 4 face to face classes. WHAT???? I went right to the booklet and it says NOTHING about anything on campus, nothing face to face, just that it's online. I can't go tomorrow or next Friday so there is no way I can take this class. And this was the one I needed to move over on the pay scale. I am sooooooooo mad. I wrote back to the person who sent it, who I am sure isn't the person responsible, and gave her a piece of my mind. Then I wrote to everyone that was on the address list and asked them if they are as surprised and annoyed as I am. What if I didn't check my email today? So, I LOST a little of my mind and the opportunity to rake in the big bucks this year. We have a pay freeze for this year because the town won't vote for an override. Yes, in this little haven where we live, we still have town meetings and things actually get voted upon. Insignificant little things like school funding.

So now I can use my swanky laptop that I won to try to look for another class that I can do online or closer to home. So annoying.

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