Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't Hate Me Because Of My Shorts

I mentioned on someone's blog that I am not a material person, but clothing has some significance to me and if anyone ever signed me up for What Not To Wear, I would be devastated when Stacy and Clinton made fun of and threw away my clothes. Some pieces have serious meaning to me and though they may not be fashionable and though I may not wear them, I still want them.

I have a tendency to stay the same size year after year after year. Don't throw things at me yet. This could be due to the neuroses I have about eating and the fact that I work hard to stay fit. And I can't sit still. I was not given gift where I can sit around and do nothing, eat whatever I want and still stay the same size. Glad I could clear that up. The bonus is this whirlwind life I live is that if the clothes will last, I can keep them for a decade. Or two. Case in point. Around 1993, I bought 2 pair of shorts at The Gap for about $8 each because they were super on sale. Remember when Gap would have those crazy sale racks at the back and you could really save? Remember when the Gap had clothes that actually looked new and not like someone had driven over the jeans about 18 times with a Mack truck? Back in those days, I shopped there a lot and never paid full price. Back to the shorts. One pair is really deep red and the other is light yellow. And they are on the shorter side. But being short myself, this hasn't been much of a problem, so I've kept them as fashion trends have come and gone. And today, I dug out the red pair and they still fit, so I'm wearing them.

While I do remain in the same size clothes from year to year, sometimes those clothes fit differently. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not so good. This year, they fit nicely. I'm not constantly pulling at them as I have in the past. This makes Thrifty very happy because it means I don't have to keep buying new clothes. And when it's a solid color and fairly trendless, this is a good thing.

On the topic of clothing, you might remember my post about Church on the Beach. Today was great because it was stormy but not raining so they still held it. The clouds were quite low and dark but it was nice. However, I saw another one of those shirts I mentioned but this one made sense. Still not church attire, but it made sense. On the back of the shirt was the same bar as on the lobster shirt, but this time there were a bunch of moose sitting at the bar. One had fallen off and it said Watch For Moose Dropping. Ha ha ha ha I get it. Now I realize that the lobster thing on the other shirt said Watch for Lobster Dropping. But I do not get lobster dropping. Is this something we need to watch for in the ocean? Lobster droppings in big mounds you dont' want to step in and get all over your house? (Like I did with dog droppings on Christmas morning one year. ALL OVER THE HOUSE. It was like the Cat in the Hat with the pink footprints everywhere but this was brown and it was pretty and it wasn't funny. 3 rooms had footprints from my dirty shoe.) And really, this IS church even though it's on the beach. I don't think that toilet humor is appropriate at church no matter where it's held!!

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