Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 days of Christmas

I know, only two more!  I'm so tired, I almost forgot to do today's post.  You know when you set yourself up for a day that is just so busy you aren't sure how you're going to get out of bed?  One of those days where it's 8:30am and you feel like you've already lived the whole day?  That's how today was.  But the saving grace was the canceled faculty meeting so I have an extra hour of freedom I didn't expect.  But, I digress.  On to gift #2, IT'S A SLICE OF WONDERFUL. I  know it's time to wrap up my 12 days of Christmas because my names are getting cheesier and cheesier.

I have no doubt that some of these gifts I have listed have made you seriously consider your time spent reading my blog and whether or not you should call some kind of authorities or at least an asylum on my behalf.  Do you know what these are?  I thought the one on the right was a tea strainer or a lemon reamer.  Wrong on both accounts.  Do you know what the left one is?  That one, I asked for.  

They are tomato/egg/mushroom slicers.  The one on the left could also slice your fist into 8 equal slices.  It's marvelous.  I needed a new slicer and, as I am always on a quest to question whether or not my food utensils and serviceware are "safe" I have now decided I don't want a plastic slicer.  I only want stainless steel.  Not so easy to find.  The tines are always listed as stainless, but the rest is always plastic.  I bought one that was pretty cheap and claimed to be stainless but it felt funny and one run through the dishwasher and it turned black and left black all over me.  Probably not too safe.  Screams of lead.  

So, I found this one on the left, completely by accident, and told k-ster's mother she could get me that because she was bugging him about why I didn't have a list.  This was a pricey one, so I figured she'd never buy it and would stick to random books.  Surprise.  It has a stainless top that has these insane serrated blades that they say will cut tomatoes, mozzarella balls, etc.  I tried it on a tomato and it was dandy.  The tray below is plastic and I don't HAVE to use it, so I'm OK with that.

As for exhibit #2.  This was from e-ster.  I have never seen a slicer like this.  I believe it will nicely slice eggs, but tomatoes and mozzarella might not slice so well.  I told her it felt a little funny, kind of like the other one I tried, but she said to try it and let her know.  E-ster, I am sorry to announce, it's blacker than blacker after putting it through the dishwasher.  I hope you kept the receipt.  

My father looks at the amount of cook ware, utensils and cookbooks we give each other for Christmas and swears we are secretly opening a restaurant.  This year was no different, though I do remember thinking there was some other theme this year that I was surprised he didn't comment on.  But I forget what it was.  Because he didn't comment.  Which is weird.  It might be the books.  We got lots of books.  He got lots of shirts, so he might be opening a shirts store.  And this made us question:  every year we give him at least 2 chamois shirts.  And we know he really beats on shirts and they live a very full life before being tossed.  But, we don't think they ever get tossed.  He wears some with rips in the them.  But they don't all rip.  So, are there some that have been segregated to the back of his closet that he forgets about?  It seems to us that many go in, but few come out.  My mother even mentioned there are some up there that are ancient.  There are 7 days in a week and winter only lasts so long, so just what does he do with all of those shirts????

Ok, tune in tomorrow for the very last one.  It's a goodie.  It will make you say HMMMM.

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