Monday, January 31, 2011

Now There's A Mouse in the Trash

With the recent appearance of a darling little mouse yesterday, I thought I should show you my fabulous traps.
 The white one is too small for the kind of mice we grow here, so I don't know why I even bother.  When I reloaded it with peanut butter  yesterday, the mouse did quickly leave my gym bag and came sniffing.  But then I scared it and we started the game all over again.

I went in search of a better mouse trap and came home with the black one.  These are even more ridiculous.  They act like the old fashioned traps, but I set it on myself by accident and it's like getting a hair clip stuck on your finger.  Nothing, really.  I set them anyway and put peanut butter right where it said to.  And about 3 hours later, I was quietly reading and lo and behold, out it came.  And proceeded to eat all of the peanut butter right in front of me without stepping on it so it never smacked down on it!  I was dying to slam it closed or take a picture but I couldn't move.  Once it retreated to it's spot under the heater, I reloaded, this time further back so it would have to climb in and get stuck.  Nothing.

It occurred to me that with the new trap, I'll be in the same place I'll be if they get in the white one.  I'll still have a live mouse to deal with.  We know throwing it outside will just make it come right back in.  And I really can't kill it.  So, I have no idea why I bother buying these things.

Alas, mice do not live long in our house, if they dare to show their whiskers to Gwenstopher in the light of day.  When I got up today, Gwenstopher had left me a very nice present.  I chose not to take a picture, so as not to make anyone barf.  And for the first time ever, she ate part of it.  She never does that with mice inside the house.  She must have been so mad that it made her work all day for it, that she had to get the last laugh.  And then she laughed some more when I had to clean it up.


  1. Cats are great for that. I never worry about mice in the house--Piper would never let them live. We have had mice in the garage--not attached to the house. We set traps for them there. Old fashioned snap traps.

  2. I think I would do more damage to myself than to anything else with mouse traps. I'm just not that coordinated.


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