Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geek Girl Camp-You Can't Miss This

Yep, that's me!  And probably 99% of those of you who are reading this~!

So, what is this GEEK GIRL hoopla?  4 years ago, some very technologically savvy women decided that they'd heard enough women whine and moan about computers and their phones and all of the many things that now make up our high tech world.  Instead of continuing to pull these women back from the edge one at a time, they decided that maybe a boot camp would get these women into tech-shape:

They'd show them the ropes.
Get them tweeting.
Introduce them to blogging.
Show them what to do with pictures.

So, they had their first boot camp in a little restaurant and had it packed to the gills with women, like my mother, who are afraid that when they touch that magic button ALL of their hard work will just POOF disappear.  And when the heat from all those menopausal women freaking out learning about cool stuff, got up to about 200 degrees in that tiny room, they new they had something.  They had maybe 100 people the first year.  It was one evening, maybe 3 hours or so.

The next year, they had it in a satellite location of a community college.  This time, they decided to do a whole Saturday.  And create workshops where people could choose what to do.  And bring in a few more experts.  There were lots of rooms, with much more room, and they added things like a store and raffle.

And it exploded.  Hundreds or women.  THRILLED that they could choose what workshops to go to.  TICKLED that they left with new information and skills that they could use on their way home when they had safely parked their cars in their garages.

So, the next year, they had it in the same place, brought in even more amazing women to lead the workshops, and had even more women participate.  Like 300!!  And many were scholarshipped in.  Now we're talking.  Empowering women, letting them have fun AND giving them things covered in PINK???

This year, Geek Girl Boot Camp '11 is ready to roll on Cape Cod March 19th.  Where's Cape Cod?  77 miles east of Boston.   They are expecting 700+ people this year.

Are you ready???  Think you know everything there is to know?  Oh, you are so wrong.  These women could teach Mr. Jobs himself a trick or two.    It's affordable, you'll come away with so much, and they give you FANTASTIC swag bags!!  You'll proudly let everyone know you're a geek and you know how to use it. 

It's true,  I might enjoy the whole concept of Geek Girl because it's all about the pink.  Just look at their merchandise!!  And that logo.  It makes me just die laughing at how cute it is.  Each year, they come out with even more cool stuff for the swag bags and the store and I can't wait to see what's in store this year.

So come on, let your inner Geek Girl come out and join us!

Psst, if you want Geek Girl Boot Camp to come to your city, I might have secret access to the powers that be...  I accept large donations of dark chocolate, things that are pink and novels.

Disclaimer:  I did not, in any way, receive compensation for promoting Geek Girl Camp '11 on my blog.  I do, however, strongly support these women in their mission to educate and empower women in the field of technology so they have a fighting chance at succeeding in printing excel spreadsheets (with lines!!), posting to flickr, creating their blogs, tweeting and anything else you can imagine.  Plus, they give a significant contribution to scholarships for women.  And they are all about the pink.  And we have to do something to keep these mothers one step ahead of their techno savvy kids!


  1. Thank you so much, JoAnna! We can't thank you enough for taking the time to write about us and most of all, support us like you have for the past few years. We could never do the things we offer with committed individuals like you. Thanks again for always being there for us.

    And yes, you are a Geek Girl!


  2. How cool! I might just show up..I wish we hadn't left Boston now. My ride would be a bit far. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting Narragansett No. 7!

  3. That sounds like so much fun!

    I'm going to their site, maybe they will come to MN.

    I'd like to learn how to make an App.


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