Friday, January 28, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Even though the girl isn't doing her own Feel Good Friday, I can't break a habit, so I'm doing mine.  And next week, I get to guest post over there on Friday, so I am VERY excited!!  That's my first feel good moment of the week.

2.  We had another snow day this week, and I do love snow days.  Not because I love snow, just because I love not having to go to school. I can't explain why it gives me such a magical thrill, but it does.

3. Some friends and I met for tea, and I love to go to tea lunch, but the place we went to was closed!  So rude.  Instead, we ended up at a coffee place that I had never heard of we spent almost the whole afternoon there.  It was nice!  Not a tea room, no plougman's lunch, but fun.  They had couches and chairs and we were the only people that actually sat there the whole time.  Except this weird guy who spent the entire time we were there, plus he had already been there when we arrived, sitting in a chair facing us, playing with his computer.  Not a single word we said could have been missed by this man.  I can't imagine why he sat there for the whole day like that.  Alone.  Not drinking tea or coffee.  Just listening to our conversation.  Creepy, actually. 

4.  I finished Janet Evanovich's Sizzlin' Sixteen and it was great fun.  I love the madcap way that Stephanie and Lula go through life in her books.  They are such comic relief.  Very easy reading, very quick.  Kind of like watching a soap opera.  I had read some reviews that this one wasn't so good, but I rate it with all of her others.  Mindless and entertaining.  If you've never read the series, you must start with One for the Money and go from there.  All the way up to 16.  I started reading them one summer, when there were only about 4-5 written, and I was able to read one right after the other.  I always look forward to her new books in that series.  But I've never read any of her other stuff.  I'm partial to her Stephanie Plum series, only.

5.  I made an ice cream soda last night, just like my grandmother made them, and it was awesome.  Gingerale.  Some kind of vanilla ice cream that's probably got a lot of crap in it.  Not Breyers.  And a straw.  Whatever this vanilla is that Kenny's grandmother brought to his birthday and left with us was just the right badass ice cream to make the ice cream soda something else. And unlike ice cream sodas that I've seen made in places, where they blend it all and stuff, I like the home made kind that ends up with lots of little ice cream bits that get up the straw, that you have to chew.  That was one of the few things that I loved that my grandmother made.  She wasn't one of those grannies with an apron always making great cookies.  She would wear an apron, but she fretted about everything she made.  She made good jello, good pudding, and a kick ice cream soda.  We won't talk about the time she made turkey soup with just water.  No broth.

So that's it. Now, it appears that 29andholding  is over there, hosting Feel Good Friday for thegirl, so I think we are supposed to go over to 29andholding's  place and link up our Feel Good Fridays. That's what I'm doing, anyway.  Tune in next Friday as I guest post over at thegirl's site.


  1. Hi following from FGF we got quite a bit snow too and if i had to say the highlight of snow at my age its nothing lol but def if i was in school not having to go would be a plus. & ice cream soda yum! Happy Friday!

  2. I have heard many great things about Janet Evanovich's books. Unfortunately, there's no way I'd get through a series of sixteen, not until I graduate anyway. I can't wait for the movie "One for the Money" to come out though. It will be staring Katherine Hegl and Sherri Sheppard from The View!...yes, such things excite me!

  3. I loved ice cream sodas like that when I was young. I still do. Have your best week ever!


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