Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Admit It, I Stole This Story

Because I haven't had anything funny to say lately and this had me rolling on the floor when I heard it.  Because if you have the lack of patience that I have, and treasure sleep as much as I do, you too will imagine yourself in the very same scenario.

This is my mother's story, but she doesn't tell stories on her blog(though she did blog long before I did, so she gets the techy award for that), so I'm telling it for her.  I've created my own quotes because I wasn't there and it adds to the story. Otherwise it would be like 2 sentences and far less amusing.  I think my father might really have said nothing, but I imagine this is what he would have said.

One night recently, my mother noticed that the bathroom light was on while she was in bed.  And she assumed my father was in there.  It was bedtime and she imagined that she'd never get to sleep until he got back into bed, so she lay there waiting, wondering when he'd be done and getting annoyed because she wanted to sleep. 

At some point, she must have dozed off, and when she woke up, she realized the light was still on in the bathroom.  So, she yelled "G, are you going to be in there much longer????"

To which my father, laying right beside her in bed yelled "I'm right here, what the hell do you want????"

So now, my father's heart was racing because he'd been woken from a dead sleep by the megaphone right beside him and my mother's heart was racing because she had no idea he was actually in bed and she'd been sleeping all along.   She said it took a long time for them to calm down and go back to sleep.

I can so completely picture myself doing this very same thing, even with the dozing off in the middle, and being out of my mind furious when k-ster yells right beside me.  And all  because I saw the light, thought he'd wake me up when he got back into bed, fell asleep annoyed that he might be keeping me awake. 

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