Friday, July 8, 2011

Feel Good Friday- A Week In Pictures

It's Friday again!  Someone really needs to slow down the clock, PLEASE!  It's time to write your posts about what made you happy this week and then come back and link up, at the bottom.  We love to see what you are happy about, even if you think it's small and no big deal.

Thegirl is on her way back.  Go check her out here and see what she's been up to! She created an app.  She made a new website.  It's like she's all professional or something.  Like she found a way to make technology earn money for her.  Hmmmmm.  We could learn a lot from this lady!  She said she will be back to her regular blog soon and will take the reins of Feel Good Friday back into her own hands.  I'm just not sure with all of that celebrity status she will have time for us bumbling bloggers anymore!

In the mean time, I'm running this show, and I say ON WITH IT!

I'm providing you a series of pictures to show how good this week feels for me.  I have to apologize now because you might be very sad if your garden is not behaving like mine is.  Believe me, things are not always rosy in the gardens of Miss Sparkling.  They are right now because it's July.  Talk to me in August and there might be a lot of swearing involved.

A friend of mine stopped by to check on my garden's progress and she was visibly upset that her corn and tomatoes look nothing like mine.  I kept reminding her that I had a full month on her because I started everything in the greenhouse but she couldn't get past the lushness of it all.

It is not my intention to rub in people's faces that I can get things to grow.  I love it and I spend a lot of time on it, in case you haven't noticed by all of my posts.  I just love that I can plant one seed and get so much from it, all the while refusing to add chemicals, organic or otherwise.  I just use my humble compost that comes from lawn scraps and food scraps and I put lots of grass clippings around plants to keep the weeds out and that's it.  I touch them a lot, I mumble things to them and I give them water. 

And of course, being slightly thrifty, I get a total charge out of paying $1 for a bunch of seeds and getting more than I could ever use, practically for free!!

Ok, like I said, ON WITH THE SHOW!

Milkweed are in bloom!  They smell sooooo good and they are nice and tall.  As tall as me!  The bees are just insane over these things, so I let them grow to attract as many bees as I can.  Did I mention how good they smell?

These are pole beans.  This thing will not stop climbing!  I'm not giving it any more support because I want it to concentrate on blooming, not climbing.  And I don't want to climb a ladder to get my beans!

These are basil plants that I already harvested once to make pesto and they are still plugging along like it's their job or something.  Basil so early- how awesome!!

For a while, we were "rescuing" lots of plants around here.  Many, many years ago, we took this hydrangea and another out of the campground and planted them here.  They struggled for a loooooooooooong time but this year, they have NOT disappointed~!  This one is the typical hydrangea and the next one is called Lace Cap.  I'm not a big fan of the Lace Cap.  It's like the law around here that you have to have hydrangeas growing in your yard, so I'm sure glad we can finally fit in!
The Lace Cap.  This one responded right away but this is the biggest it's ever been.

It wouldn't be summer here if we didn't see these roses.  I have no idea what they are.  They climb and go crazy and you cannot destroy these things.  The smell nice too.

My first cucumber this year!  I think it's going to be a good cucumber season.  They seem pretty happy where they are.

Pole beans beginning they climb on the corn.  I'm growing butternut squash, corn and pole beans together because that's the "three sisters" method and they are growing well together.  The squash isn't climbing up the the corn like it's supposed to, so I'm helping it a little with some bamboo poles that I'm tying them to.

These are marigold that are growing, growing, GROWING but the flowers are taking their sweet time coming out.  I swear when these bloom, you will hear the explosion of them opening up!  These plants are like 3 feet tall!  And all from a 25 cent seed packet!

Can you say ONE plant??? This is ONE pumpkin plant that is going completely berserk!  I don't grow very large pumpkins but in my experience, my plants have been small, so the pumpkins have been small too.  This plant is enormous, so maybe the pumpkins will be too.  Until the squirrels start their gnawing...

Hosta and lilies.  The yellow lilies are also some rescue plants that have done really well!  We thought they were ornamental grasses and then they bloomed and we found out they were yellow lilies.  I am kind of tired of the orange lilies that EVERYONE seems to have, so any other color is great!

I think this is really cute.  This bean has been  reeeeeaching out to climb on this sunflower and it's finally started to wrap itself around the base.  It's supposed to climb on the corn but I guess it didn't get the message.

I mentioned this zinnia in an other post because it had been nibbled down to nothing and now it has come back like CRAZY.  It has so many blooms coming at once.  It's not tall like the others, but it's bushy and will be really pretty.   

Ok, now go write your feel good Friday post and come back here and link up!


  1. Great pics. I hope The Girl shares her secrets, lol, boy to do this and make money would be fabulous!!!! Have a great week!!!!

  2. I love your plants. I have a hydrangea similar to yours. One year we had pumpkins by accident. One of our pumpkins went bad outside and fell apart. We must of missed the seeds because the next year we had this crazy vine of a plant. We never did get any pumpkins just blooms.

  3. Your garden is doing awesome!!

    I am pretty proud of mine, too. I have been able to grow absolutely nothing up until now. No fertilizer, just a mix of worm castings and top soil.

    I have two questions for you: do you ever prune your tomato plants and when you harvest your basil (or if you have mint), do you cut the branches or just take the leaves? I cut my mint plant and it's not looking so good.

  4. Garden looks spectacular! I hope I didn't miss hydrangea season on the Cape! Be there in a few days to see for myself. See you then. :0)


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