Friday, July 1, 2011

Feel Good Friday- My Days Are Limited

Here's another Feel Good Friday, brought to you by me.  HOWEVER, thegirl says she will be back, so my title of Feel Good Friday "hostess" may soon be reduced to Feel Good Friday "follower".  That's ok, it's been fun doing it, but I have never had anywhere near the number of linkups that she used to, so I'll be glad to see more people linking up when she takes over.

Here's what thegirl has been working on during her absence.  Go check it out.  She's like a celebrity- she created an APP!  And it was revealed on itunes this week!  Go see and then come right back here to read Feel Good Friday and link up at the bottom!

So, if you're new around here, this is what we do on Fridays.  We go write posts on our own blog about what made this week so good.  It can be earth shattering, or just simple every day things that made your day/week.  Then you come back here and link us back to your post and then we can all go see what made you happy and satisfy our nosiness.

I usually try to find 5 things that made me feel good, but this week was a little different, so there will be one major focus, as you will see.

First of all, SCHOOL'S OUT!!  No more pencils, no more books, no one I can give my dirty looks.  I've only had one day of real summer, where I get my little summer routine going, because once school got out, I was on a literacy intervention committee at school for 2 days and then I went to visit my sister a-ster.  Now I'm back and the routine is set and I can really enjoy what I've waited for all year.  Summer is a really big deal to me, and not just because school is out.  I really like all of the benefits of summer, even the heat.  For a while.

So, I finally got to meet my niece l-ster, and see her parents, a-ster and s-ster.  I spent a few days there this week and had fun.  We went to the zoo Sunday and I got a huge kick out of the baby gorilla and the many baby lions. 

 Hmm, I think it's kind of hard to see the lion cubs in this picture but there are two litters of them and they were funny.  And they are so big!  When we were at the zoo in November, they were still too young to come out.  That gorilla really had me cracking up.

Then s-ster went to work during the week and we gals stayed home and acted like the ladies of leisure that we are.  Well, l-ster and I were ladies of leisure.  A-ster ran around doing lots of chores, making suppers like she does and keeping up with laundry and cleaning.  L-ster and I kept busy touring the world:

We started off in the good USA and l-ster patiently held her hand up for someone to give her a sparkler.  She is so patient, she just kept her hand up while she slept.  Auntiesparkling bought her this cute outfit and she fit in it just right.  There's a cute elephant on the left side.  Hmm, stars and stripes elephant?  Probably some political propaganda.

Then we were off to Britain for high tea.  L-ster always remembers to keep her pinky up like a lady.  Even when she's sleeping. 

Then we were off to Mexico for some marvelous salsa.  L-ster pulled herself right up to the table and then fell asleep before she could enjoy the salsa.   
 It seems like everywhere we went, the service was so slow that she just fell asleep!

Don't let that pretty pink dress fool you.  Under all of those ruffles, we can see l-ster sneakily plotting to take over the rest of the world.  At least she was awake for this picture!

We made a big trek out one day to do some shopping and we checked out baby swings.  A-ster decided it might be a good thing and l-ster seems to enjoy the swinging movements we do, so I think the swing will be a most excellent addition.  It was supposed to arrive yesterday and I bet she hasn't been able to take her out of it since!

L-ster took lots of naps.  I took a walk.  A-ster took some showers.

A good week all around.  And l-ster didn't scream most of the times that I held her which means she doesn't see me as the auntichrist.

Now go create your own feel good posts and come back here and link up!!


  1. Hehe the ruffle dress pic looks like she is doing the can-can so maybe you guys hit France when I wasn't looking?

  2. She's adorable! And I can't believe you just now got out of school!! :)

  3. Wonderful week and Beautiful pictures!!!

  4. She's a beauty! And GND, OMG, you rock!


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