Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Horsewomen Evade Police In High Speed Chase

So, how do you move 3 horses, one trailer, two trucks and two women from one barn to another?

I know you are thinking: "Oh crap, it's another one of sparkling's math problems.  She proved she can't do geometry and now she's going to try to solve a major word problem.  This ought to be really good." 

It's time to say "au revoir" to barn #3 and "bonjour" to barn #4.  Click here and you'll see that I've followed my riding instructor all over creation.  I've liked one barn, hated another and really missed the bathroom that was the only good thing about another.

This one is the best so far, I think.  It's big, 2 barns, it has an INDOOR RING (no more 2 months off in the winter), and outdoor wash stall for washing their stanky butts after riding and lots of other good things.
Tucker's new digs.

An indoor ring.  It's pretty big and has some great bonuses.  No sun baking on you.  No need for sunglasses, which slide off your nose.  Riding no matter the weather.  Fewer bugs, if any.  Less things for him to shy at.

Outdoor wash stall.  Such a simple idea but so much easier for washing him!

This is where Tucker, Quinn and Jackson live, with the indoor ring right there.  To the right is another whole barn with about 20 more stalls.

But most of all, running hot and cold water and a BATHROOM.  It's such a civilized notion, the toilet.

So, after a lot of running around, we got all 3 horses moved from #3 to #4.  We met at barn #4, drove back to #3, rode 2 horses over.  Then I drove her back to #3 and followed her and her truck  back to #4.  Then I drove her back to #4 and she rode the last one over.

Ok, so there was no high speed chase.  Thankfully, there wasn't even a single cop.  Because there may have been some driving of some vehicles that may have had some issues.  Or a trailer that might have had an issue.  But there were no cops, so all was well.

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