Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lifestyles of the Rich

Last year, I posted about Richmere, the private club where I've taught water aerobics and now Pilates, for a while.  I'm back again and teaching a water aerobics class once a week and Pilates once a week.  I only agreed to teach the Pilates because they promised a tent would cover us.  I am not a sun worshipper and really, doing Pilates in the sun is just gross.

Sadly, there we are again, on the grass, with no tent.

Because of the new owners, the place is HOPPING this year.  There are actually CLASSES with kids taking swimming lessons, not just one or two kids.  There are people everywhere.  And they sort of rearranged the pool area a little.

And by rearranged, I mean they built 4 wooden cabanas that no one is using.  I guess they have to pay for them and they really are D-U-M-B. And they take up space, so we can't do Pilates on the pool deck like we are supposed to.  And there are people EVERYWHERE, so I can't be heard anyway,

So, we headed back to the grass field and that's where we'll be.

This week, we were surrounded by kids playing pingpong on the grass.  At one point, I wasn't sure who could hear me better, the kids or the adults.  The surroundings are sublime but when I think about how ridiculous this is, I chuckle. 

This grass field is overlooked by large townhouses.  And anyone who walks up to the office for the pool/beach/restaurant area.  And we were surrounded by kids.  And there the ladies all were, legs over heads, doing what I was telling them.  Telling everyone to keep their butts on the ground, etc.

Somehow the glamorous, chic class everyone assumes this will be is not.

And then there are the pool ladies.  A lady asked me last week if it's strenuous.

Well, umm, it's EXERCISE so yeah, probably. 

I don't think it's too strenuous for most of them, because they sure don't do much.  I'm tired when I get out, but they don't seem to be.

One can't get her hair wet, so she has all sorts of elaborate showercaps with pretty things on them.

This year, they were cut back to just once a week.  They were furious.  And they created some kind of uproar.  So now they have 2 days of water aerobics.  I would not ever want to cross these ladies!!

Another highlight of my class this week was my flat tire.  I thought I'd get the General washed before I went to Richmere, so I drove down and thought something was weird.  I-ster told me my tire was completely flat.

With no time to waste, I tore back up the driveway and looked at my options.

A pickup that needs to be inspected.  If I drive it around town, my chances of getting pulled over are slim and I seem to think I could talk my way out of a ticket since I went to school with or have taught the kids of many of the policemen in town.  If I drive it 2 towns away, not such a good possibility.

A dump truck.  I have arrived at many a function in a dump truck, so that's not my issue.  My issue is that there was NO WAY Richmere would have let me in the gate in a DUMP TRUCK!!  There is nowhere out on the road I could park it and run in.

Now I was starting to panic because I was going to be late and you don't want to mess with these ladies.

I called my mother on the off chance she'd let me use her car but she had an appointment.

I pulled out the big guns and called my father.  He said fine, when he thought I meant the red pickup.

But, I explained the issue with that and told him I NEED his little pickup because they'd never let me in the gates with a dumptruck. First he said no because he also had an appointment.  20 questions later, he finally agreed to let me use his little truck and he'd take the dumptruck and I made it with seconds to spare.

The ladies and I had a good laugh about how Richmere would never have let me in with the dumptruck or they would have thought it was a worker and would have filled it with crap while I was teaching!

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