Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women Are Like Teabags

You don't know their strength until you put them in hot water.  That's a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Lest you think this post might be all formal and educated and women's libbish, let me set the record straight.

I get thrills out of simply the weirdest things.  In the summer, I usually start my morning outside on the patio, where I eat my oatmeal, drink tea and read the paper. 

When I am done with my tea, I have a very strange habit of tossing the teabog right over the outdoor shower into the woods.  I cannot fully explain the joy I get out of this.  It's a thrill to start each morning like this.

I don't worry that I'm littering because it's tea in a biodegradable little bag and it will be invisible in a matter of days.

K-ster once saw this ritual and went out of his mind.  He thinks it will attract animals!  Really???  Tea drinking animals?

Let's not kid anyone into thinking I do what k-ster tells me not to do.  So, I continue to toss tea bags with reckless abandon, once he has left for work.   

It's definitely a good thing he had already left for work when I made this mistake.  Mrs. Roosevelt was correct- you do not know how strong a woman is.  

Until she can't wing the teabag over the fence.  

And she sits, alone on the patio, laughing her ass off.

I seriously thought about leaving it there.  But then k-ster would have really been mad, what with all of those wild animals leaping up to lick the teabag while he's taking an outdoor shower.


  1. tea makes for great compost. I bet whatever is growing over in the woods is happy and healthy!

  2. I thought only men in prison were afraid of teabags :)

    I love that you do it anyway, ha!

  3. I could totally see myself finding joy in tossing tea bags around like that. I love your ritual. Do you live at a spa?


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