Friday, July 29, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again, feeling good on Friday.  I'm not really feeling it today, so it's going to be a stretch for me this week.  Not that I had a bad week, I just didn't have many "ahhh, I'll be writing about that on Friday" moments.

If you've never been to Feel Good Friday land, it was created by thegirl who is on hiatus, so she entrusted her dear meme to me.  She's all that because she wrote an app that Apple accepted and she's making so many millions, I'm sure she has no time for blogging what with keeping track of all that cash.

To participate, you sit yourself down and think about what made you happy this week and tell us about it.  It can be earthshattering or something as day making as you got a valentine from your 4 year old nephew.  It can be one thing or a bunch.  I usually pick 5 things, but it's up to you!

There used to be a Mr. Linky linkup that went with Feel Good Friday, but I didn't get many people linking up, so I'm linky free for the moment.  Just go write your own Feel Good Friday moment on your blog, come back here and leave a comment and we'll be over to check you out really soon.

On to this week.

*I watched my friend j-ster's son for a few hours and he's that fascinating age of almost 2.  So he's a complete tape recorder and just repeats and rewinds and repeats all day.  I love to watch how their minds work!

*I rode Tucker at the new barn all week and he was highly anxious but we didn't have any incidents.  Me not falling off has become a recent goal!  The indoor ring is pretty great because we aren't baking in the sun and he isn't being eaten by flies.  But it's weird because it's like running around in someone's house!  We rode outside one day which was a complete adventure because the ring doesn't have a fence, so it's just open, AND there's an audience of horses all around it, watching.  He had so many things to look at, I'm amazed he did anything I told him to do!

*We picked our 6 scholarship winners for the local chapter of American Business Women's Association and I love that.  I love giving other people's money to people who deserve it.  And I love that we can give 6.  And that one of them was a student of mine once upon a time.

*I put in my clothesline and used it this week and I LOVE that I have a place where I can just put the clothes out without putting it together.  I've spent all summer having to "rig" a clothesline every time I want to hang out the clothes and now I don't have to!  One less step in the process!

Ok, just 4 this week.  My brain isn't really working all that well, so that's what you get.

Now go write your own and come back and link up!!


  1. I know the feeling, this week wasn't really magical for me either but I am feeling better so that's a plus. Sometimes I think it is just you and me keeping this going but I love the idea of FGF and don't want to stop. At least this way we get to visit each week :)


  2. Wasn't magical for me either but certainly better than other I guess.

    Clothes line huh. We've had too much rain for me to try that right now but you remind me I need to wash sheets!!

    Spray Paint Queen - Feel Good Friday

  3. I love that you use a clothesline! I have been meaning to do that! Clothes smell deliciously fresh, right?

  4. I'm so sure!! You are too funny. I'm coming back sans millions, but thanks for the plug anyway :-)

    And I love the earrings!! Thank you!


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