Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Running In For A Pair of Blue Shorts

I am not one of those people that goes out at the beginning of every clothes season and buys whatever is hot at the moment. God. No.

I go when I need something and it's usually to the sale or clearance rack and it's all about what looks good but is comfortable and wearable. I hate to be stuck in clothes that feel stiff or make me look like something I don't want to look like.

You will not see me in blazers or jackets. Although in a dream the other night, I dreamed that I was going on about how wonderful the blazer is and someone was consulting me about a suit like I was Stacey from What Not To Wear, or something! Truly a dream.

I don't tend toward "career wear" when I shop.

I don't have a certain style.

You can't look at my closet and say that I only shop in one kind of store. Because Marshall's and TJMaxx have allowed me many a name brand I never would have thought of looking at in a full priced store.

One of my favorite stores is the Bass Outlet. They used to be just about shoes, particularly a strappy sandal that EVERYONE around here would wear in the summer. Over the years, they have had a fantastic collection of clothes. It's rare that I go in there and don't find something I love, that I then get lots of compliments on. And I'm pretty happy with the quality of the clothes.

Except for the capris incident last month. Otherwise, their clothes have taken quite a lot of abuse and have worn very well. Shoes too.

Last summer, I found some shorts that I liked and bought in light khaki. I should have bought them in every color because this summer, I really love them. Do you ever do that? Buy something and sort of like it and not wear it and then later, you go back and find it and realize it's simply made for you and how could you have been so crazy not to wear it every day once you bought it?

That's me with these shorts.

I figured they surely would have the same things this year and navy blue or black would be good. I have recently noticed that most of my shorts are beige themed and I would like something in a navy blue.

So, I trucked up there today, in a very good mood, expecting to find some navy blue shorts. And I did. But they were Bermudas. I look NOT GOOD in Bermuda shorts. I look stumpy. I thought maybe I could hem them up but they would look stupid.

My alternative was pleated shorts. Umm, which decade are we in??? Who even wears pleated short anymore?

Or, I could buy more beige themed shorts.

So, I had to settle for these.
Capris, 2 pairs of pants, blue checked shorts that I had to look at fifty times to make sure they did not make my butt look like a billboard, a pair of shoes and a polo shirt for k-ster.

No blue shorts.  No black shorts.  Sad.

And I have to figure out what to do about the capris.  They are denimish and they are supposed to be rolled up and you can "choose your length" by rolling them up and then using a hidden strap to button to the outside to hold them in place.  But I am really not a fan of rolled up pants, so I think I will hem them and cut that strap and the button off and no one will know....

Except all of you.

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  1. My mother taught me at a young age if I like something, buy multiple pairs. I try to follow that, and always regret when I don't.


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