Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap Up- Your Favorite Posts

We all have favorite posts that we write.  For me, it's the posts that I can read and read and read and they still make me laugh because the events were just so funny.  To me. 

Sadly, we can't always properly convey the images to make everyone laugh.

OR, what I dislike the most, we post them when EVERYONE is out of town, not reading their favorite blogs and it falls on blind eyes (kind of like deaf ears, right?)

Some bloggers end the year with their own top 10 favorite posts.  Instead, with some inspiration from my new favorite blogger , I decided to show YOU what YOUR favorite/most-read posts of 2011 were, according to google analytics.  But what do they know? 

#1  Yes, I Made This But You Can Too, a cute quilt I made for some friends who had a boy.  This quit appears again in the top 10.  I like it too, but I'm surprised that this was the #1 most visited post in 2011!

#2  How To Grow Your Own Clothesline.  Ah yes, I enjoyed this post and mostly enjoyed installing the clothesline.  And it's still standing.  Most sturdily!  The ropes on the other hand....  They've needed to be tightened like eleventy times because they just keep stretching and stretching.  K-ster thinks I will eventually see the light and used metal ropes (oxymoron?) that won't stretch, like he recommends.  What does he know about laundry hanging?

#3  Give Thanks For Meeting Me.  This is really a recipe from my sister, but she doesn't update her blog, so I have nowhere to send you.  Just enjoy the recipe and think of me us. 

#4  Made By Me Monday Times Two.  Two projects I crocheted.

#5  Living Life in Onesies.  Some days, I truly wish we could!

#6  What an Infomercial Can Teach You.  Once a teacher, always a teacher...

#7   Feel Good Friday I'm Your Hostess Welcome Aboard.  Ok, I'll admit that for the top 5, I had linked to a lot of linky parties with those, so that might have had something to do with the numbers of visitors.  But for the life of me, I don't know what is so attractive about this post that it's driving people to my blog.  Maybe it's the new couch.  Everyone thinks I'm going to invite them over since we have so much space to park our butts now.

#8 Trucks, Tractors and Bulldozers, Oh My!  This was the quilt before it was totally finished.  I think.  Or maybe it was finished here and that top post is the one where the pins were still in it.  I still think it's got great colors!!  I especially love the fabric for the wheels.

#9  Does Your Classroom Layout Affect Your Teaching or Does Your Teaching Affect Your Classroom Layout?  Ah yes, the philosophical question we all ponder.  Daily.

#10  Pony Up For Pony Hats  This post must have directed some traffic to my etsy because I've sold about a dozen of these this winter!

I also thought you might enjoy the top 10 key phrases that people use to get to my site.  Watch out, you might see a pattern here....

#10 painted squares on surfboard (I swear, I've been through every post and I never wrote those words together....)


#8  lia sophia blog

#7  funny wedding clothes

#6  naked bridesmaids

#5  lia sophia

#4  pudding pops


#2  nude weddings

#1  lia sophia blog

I wrote one post about weddings that I found funny from  ONE POST  And they haven't paid me a single cent for all that advertising!!

And pudding pops!  Who knew so many people also longed for the days of Bill Cosby and his Jello Pudding Pops???

It's kind of sad to think of all the time I've spent writing and this list is what people have googled and fell upon my site.   And now that I posted these words again, even more will come for the very same reason.

Ooooh you know what would be interesting for me?  Leave a comment about YOUR favorite post of mine from 2011.  Not just from the list above, but from any post of mine that you read and enjoyed.  I'm curious....

So off we are to 2012.  Thanks for reading and please stick around for the ride!  No charge for your first trip around!

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  1. I miss pudding pops too, but I usually get to your blog the old fashioned way :) It's fun going back at old posts -- maybe I'll do that next year (if I'm blogging that long!


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