Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Cards and Holiday Cheer

I like to get Christmas cards and I always used to like sending them.  Somehow the frenzy that occurs before Christmas seems to make it a chore and not as much as it should be.

So now, I send New Year's cards.   It's really hard to find them.  They are out there, but few and far between.

I like to think that people enjoy a little surprise in the mail after Christmas.  Most people probably think it's weird and that I'm up to something in my choice of not sending them before Christmas.

I have, however, received my first Christmas card this year.
From my newspaper deliverer.

And from the writing on the self-addressed envelope ** it appears that he is 8 years old.  This is the annual "please send me money because I get up at 4am every day to deliver your paper, rain, shine, snow, wind".

I have no sympathy for today's newpaper boy.  It's not like in the old days when they walked or rode their bikes all over town to deliver and had to actually work.  Those kids deserved extra bonuses.

But today, they drive and deliver, and in this case, it looks like his parent drives while delivers.  They get paid real money from the newspaper company.  Money that I pay for my subscription.  I don't think I need to fork over a lot of extra cash.  It's not like they didn't realize what newspaper delivery was all about when they started this job.

Gee, how's that for holiday cheer?

Who do you tip?  Mailmen?  Newpaper?  UPS?  Hair stylist?  Nails?  Bank tellers?

**When I was little, I thought "self-addressed envelope" meant you had to write it yourself.  On TV, when they said that to enter a contest, you had to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I always wondered how they would know if I wrote it or if my mother wrote it.

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