Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Witnessed Greatness Last Night

My last post might have sounded more serious than I meant for it to.  I just get tired of all the Biggest Loser competitions and most recently, the winner at my gym was someone I know and I don't know what she had to lose in the first place, but she won the whole thing.  It bothers me when someone who loses like 10 pounds can win a competition with women who are breaking their necks to lose 50.

And then I ran out of material.  I just haven't had anything to bother posting about all week.

So, k-ster made a suggestion.

I am to tell you that I witnessed greatness last night.  K-ster makes me watch the Bruins if he's watching it at home.  It's good for 2 things.  It either lulls me into some kind of drooling trance so I fall asleep, or it allows me to make lots of ridiculous comments so I can  make k-ster laugh.  Paying to see a  game live would really be lost on me because I would either fall asleep or be laughing like a maniac at all my silly jokes and no one would know why because  live games are so noisy.

So,  the greatness is that the Bruins beat Toronto last night.  That makes them now 1st in the northeast conference.  And something about how they didn't lose a single regulation game for all of November which hasn't happened since before I was born.  And they are so great and blah, blah, blah......  Fell asleep for a minute.

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  1. Okay, here's a great story for you. My best friend's husband was the general manager for our hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. They have since moved to Calgary where he recently took over the GM position there. And I miss them, desperately. But anyway, that's not my story.

    My sister is married to a man who is a hockey fanatic. He's a Blackhawks fan, but he loves all hockey. At the time of my husband's 40th birthday party, they had just gotten engaged, so my sister and he flew down for the big party. I never thought to mention this to my future brother-in-law, since i didn't know him well enough yet to know how much he loved hockey.

    My sister said when my friend walked into the party, her fiancé nearly had a heart attack.

    Since that time, they have become fast friends. And whenever Jay, my GM friend is in Chicago, he and my brother-in-law always go out to dinner.

    Small, lovely world it is.


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