Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is a Stick Up

Give me all your fruitcake.  Seriously.  I actually like fruitcake!  I see so much chatter out there about fruitcake and how awful it is and it's always the first thing people throw out.

NO more!  I like it!  I swear!

My aunt used to send us one every year and it came in a little tin.  It was super sticky and sweet and I remember eating some and no one else ever seemed to want any and then it would disappear.

Probably to the mass graves of fruitcakes.

So sad.

I like it.

I really do.

It's Ok if you give me fruitcake.  That comes in a tin.  I swear I won't throw it away, unopened.


  1. My sister and mom like it too. I'm not a fruit cake fan, but I don't understand the vehement hatred toward a dessert.

  2. I like it too!! Mom


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