Friday, December 2, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again.  It's Feel Good Friday.  Write about what made you happy this week, come here and leave a comment and we'll come by and check you out.  I usually try to pick 5 things that were good, but sometimes I struggle and come up with just one or two.

Go try it, it's a great way to wrap the week.

**After a terrifying incident of a flashlight being shone into my living room on Saturday night, I got over it, I wasn't stolen and nothing happened.  More on that in another post.

**I did a 5K race that I used to do pretty regularly but it's hard being right after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes we aren't here. Since I twisted my ankle almost a year ago, I haven't done any races.  Not even my own.

I have started running again, not a lot, but a little.  I decided I should do this one race to get me back in the game.

It was a GORGEOUS day.  60s which is not normal here for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My time was 27:43 which is slow for me, but not awful.  It didn't feel great, but my ankle didn't have a fit, so all is well.

I even ran again on Tuesday and had no issues, except that I wasn't fast.  And it didn't feel awesome.  But then, running never feels awesome when I do it, but I like the results.

**Pampered Chef might be the awesomest company ever.  I had bought some bowls and one chipped.  They were a set, but my consultant said she could just send back the one for a replacement.  When I got the replacement, it was the set of TWO!  So now I have more bowls than I started with!  AWESOME.

**My sister sent home a frozen chicken from the organic farm that I like near her with my parents after they spent Thanksgiving there and I cooked it the other night.  What a grammatically awful sentence.  I should have taken a picture.  Great chicken.

She sent eggs too but I haven't had any of those yet.  It's pretty good we have to drive 10 hours to get organic farm food.  Around here, it's hard to find and when we do, I think it's really expensive.

**I started making a fabric holiday banner that I really like and love the way it's coming out.  I'll show pictures when it's done.

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