Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm a Little Bit Frugal

Does your grocery store have the gas rewards deal that mine does?  For every dollar I spend, I get a point toward money off my next fill up at the Shell station.  The points last for a month.

The grocery store has "specials" each week where if you buy a certain quantity of a certain group of items, you get extra points.  I never seem to want these items because they are CRAP, CRAP, CRAP and more CRAp.

Every so often, they have a coupon in the flier that says you can get 200 or 300 extra points if you use it.

This weekend, I shopped and got the extra 300 points.

And then I went to get gas tonight, expecting to save a little.  80 cents per gallon is the most I've ever saved and that was just once.

This is what the price said when I pulled up.
Yuck.  When I got my license, I spent $1.08 per gallon and thought that was a big deal.

When I put in my rewards card number, I almost dropped dead.  And not because I was doing the forbidden touching my cell phone while pumping gas- so I could take pictures for you, of course.
That's right.  I had 1000 points stocked up on that card and saved ONE DOLLAR PER GALLON.  Can you believe it?  I wanted to call everyone I know to get over there and save money on me. 

But I was hungry and wanted to make supper, so I took my gas and ran.  $18 richer.  WHOOO HOOO.

By the way, who stole my card and racked up 1000 points for me?  No way did I spend anywhere near that money in the past month anywhere, let alone the grocery store!


  1. I love that gas reward point system. Too many drivers all share the same account in this house though so it's rare I get the discount at the pump. Oh well. But you...Rock on! $1.00 off is pretty much awesome.

  2. Gas was 97 cents the year I graduated from high school. I hardly bother looking anymore. Doesn't matter.... I need gas regardless...

  3. You beat my record of $.80 off per gallon last week. The grocery chain offered 200 extra points before Thanksgiving for a total order over $50, which is about what I spend when I just run in 'for a couple of things'. Then they gave 200 extra points when we bought a turkey. Then we had company for 2 weeks and bought lots of expensive fruits and vegetables. So i really racked it up!
    But I would worry too about how the store thought you had spent $1,000 in the previous 30 days......


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