Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bass Ale Made Me Do It

A few years ago, I did promotions for various alcohol companies.  I was a Bud girl a few times.  I was a Malibu rum girl quite a bit.  Smirnoff, Bailkey's, Bacardi, and the list goes on and on.

Before you get carried away, I didn't have very many slutty  cute outfits for most of these promotions.  Yes, there were the hula skirts for Malibu, but the t-shirts were so big it kind of ruined the effect.

But most of the time, I was told to put on one of the XL t-shirts which just swam on me.  I'd tie them and try to do things to make them work.

One time, I even took a Smirnoff vodka golf shirt and tried to tailor it to my size.  And that was better, but not perfect.

Basically, I wasn't the hot (enter brand name here) girl that everyone wanted  thought about when they heard what I did.  It was like playing dress up in someone else's closet.  A giant's closet.

However, Bass Ale had a very cute outfit one Christmas season.  They had women's Bass Ale shirts that actually fit little old me.  And then they had these cheesy felt skirts that were like Santa skirts.   And since I am short, they weren't sexy, they were cute.  I liked those promotions because it was fun to wear the costume.

I kind of like wearing costumes.

The same boss that I had for the promotions also got me hooked up with a great organization that does a variety of really cool fundraisers.  One is called the Spectacle of Trees.  That deserves a post unto itself because it's really amazing what happens during it.

But the first year they did it, they asked her to provide some greeters, and could they wear Santa suits.  Remembering the Bass Ale skirts, she agreed and sent me on the job.

They loved it.  They thought it was so cute.

Once I learned this would be a yearly gig and that I would be "Santa" each year and pick the winning bidders for all of the trees, I decided I should make something more substantial.

So, I took the cheesy, felt, one-size-fits-all skirt, paired it with a top from one dress pattern and sleeves from another, trimmed it with fur and VOILA.

 My favorite part is the bottom of the skirt.  It makes me want to twirl as you can see above.

This was really easy to do and came out just like I envisioned.  Do you ever have those moments when you sew that you just amaze yourself?  I go through phases where I do the most amazing things, do them well, and they look great.  Then I look back at them years later and wonder how on earth I did it and made it look so good.

Those moments usually come when I can't even make a pillow without it looking like it was made by a 5th grader with one hand.

Sadly, I only have reason to wear this outfit once a year.  For about 20 minutes.

I thought about wearing it to school tomorrow but I suppose someone would frown on that.  I don't think my fingertips would reach the bottom of the skirt.

And it might be a tad distracting.

All that twirling I'd be doing all day.

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  1. Thats awesome! And would be so much fun! You look cute too :)

  2. Well done. And you're all ready for next year's SantaCon pub crawl.


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