Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letting Go

When I find something I like, I can't get rid of it. Especially when it comes to clothes. That fit. And look decent. And last. Because I have a hard time finding clothes that fit well, last and look decent for long.

So long ago I can't even remember, I bought a winter coat at Eddie Bauer. I love it. It comes below my butt and keeps me so warm. It's waterproof, it fits over all of my sweaters. It's great for skiing. But it's probably a little outdated. It's at least 10 years old.

And it has come to mean winter to me.  When I think of cold weather, I think of wearing that coat.

It has the pull ties inside that let you adjust the waist to make it more fitted.  Jackets don't really seem to have that anymore.  That was all the rage, for a while.

So, for the past few winters, I've been on a quest for a new coat. But, the bar is set pretty high, so I can never find what I want. I guess in the past decade, people have decided bulky, puffy coats that make lots of noise are the way to go. They all are too fitted for my liking.  And those puffy coats are greasy looking.

And none seem to go below the butt. Unless I want it to go to my knees, which I don't.

After much searching, I think I've found my replacement coat. It's from Land's End. It's warm. It goes just below my butt. It's comfortable and very lightweight, so I can move well.   And it allows for adjusting in the waist. 

And did I mention, it's warm?

 This crazy furry thing zips off, and I think I'll keep it off.  It's really big and gets in the way and it itched me in the 5 seconds I had it on.  It's sitting on the chair and looks like I've killed a ferret.

 Better without the fur, I think. 
 And the pockets have pockets!  I think this is a little inner pocket where the handwarmer things are supposed to go so you will have hot hands when you put them in your pocket, but they are lined with fleece anyway, so they are plenty warm.

One of the complaints online was that the sleeves are a little too long but I think they are prefect for a winter coat.

And the other complaint was the the down gets everywhere.  And somehow, it does.  The little pieces of down seem to be making their way out of the quilting an sticking to things.

But, I'm going to keep it.  I really like it.

I can't get rid of my Eddie Bauer one just yet.  I'll put it in the ski box for shoveling and skiing because it's a great coat.

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  1. Where's the snow???
    And I just had to add, as much as I love the jacket on you, I think it would pair up nicely with some tan coloured Uggs :)


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