Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sleeping In A Tree

On the Travel Channel, I caught a piece about extreme family vacations.  The part I saw was about climbing way up into these trees and sleeping in them..  It was a father and son and they spent the night sleeping in this sled like contraption where they were harnessed in. 

In the morning, they were sent up breakfast and hot towels by the crew on the ground.  All done by ropes.  I didn't see the beginning, so I don't know how high up they were, but they were waaaaaaay up there.

The father and son raved about how great it was.    It was $400 per night, per person and they thought it was just wonderful.

And the only thing I could think was:  They were strapped in, kind of like being on a stretcher, on their backs, all night.  Where did they go to the bathroom?

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