Friday, December 30, 2011

Feel Good Friday

The GARAGE DOOR edition.

We have what we call "the shop", which anyone else would call a garage.  But, with my parents' house having a garage, that would just confuse things.  We also have the barn and the grey barn, where more things are stored.  Is the grey barn grey?  Well, sort of.  But so is the other barn.  I can't explain, we just know where things are if you say "it's in the shop" or "it's in the grey barn".

We store the lawnmowers and just about anything that's not stored in the house out in the shop.  It's always been a catchall and a place we liked to play in when we were little and had to go play outside.  Ironic because that's not really outside, is it?

We found my mother's old 45 records in there.  We found lots of books from her college days.  At one point, I thought it was a magical treasure trove of past items.

Oh, it's a treasure trove, all right.

One issue I've always had with the shop is the door.  For as long as I can remember trying to open it, it has taken all of my strength.  When I was little, I could get it open about a foot off the floor and then I'd have to let go and pull up as hard as I possibly could, until it was just over my head.

At one point, it got a little easier.  I think someone greased the track or something.  BUt it was still a pain.  And then if it went up over my head, I'd have to perch precariously on a 5 gallon bucket to reach the handle and pull it down.

K-ster eventually put a really heavy duty strap on it that even I could reach.

But sometimes, I could just about hang my whole body weight on it and it just wouldn't move.

And in these past few years, it got really bad.

Recently, I could not open it AT ALL, and was furious. It was yet another thing around here that needed to be tinkered with every time you opened it.  Just press here with your knee while pressing here with your shoulder and then lift it with one hand....

And the glass in the middle was breaking.  One piece was gone, another was on its way.

And this week, some little elves appeared and this is what they left.

I laugh every time I watch this because when I say "I could do this all day" it sounds like the next thing that should happen is the whole thing comes crashing down, or someone drives their truck right through the door, or some other catastrophe.

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  1. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a woman happy! When our kids were little, 'honey do' projects like this were the best Christmas/Birthday present Bob could give me.

    The exterior photo strikes me as an image of an oxymoron....Ancient wooden barn/shop/shed with a brand new modern metal door.


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