Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again, it's Friday, and you must have some feel good moments to share.  I've found a few.

Not sure what Feel Good Friday is all about?  Thegirl over at created this marvelous, weekly event so everyone could link up and share happiness.  You can pick one thing that was amazing, or list 5 like many of us do.  I find it puts the week into such perspective for me and if I've gotten to Wednesday and don't love it, I think about how I better find some stuff for Feel Good Friday before it's too late!!

Thegirl is absent for a few weeks, so she's letting me host.  You don't have to be a regular around here to link up.  We love newbies, especially if you're a good writer and can occasionally make us laugh with the normalness of your life!

So, after you've read through, check out the other people who linked at the bottom and then go write your own post and link back here.  Be sure to grab the button.  We love to read each other's Feel Good moments.  We're nosy like that.

So, here goes.

1.  We had a visit from some wild turkeys for 3 days, which for us, is not normal.  Every time I say/think that we had 12 turkeys on our lawn, I swear I don't even believe myself.  It sounds too weird.  Like telling someone 12 hippos came by for a snack.  We didn't see them today (the turkeys, not the hippos), so I guess they moved on to browner lawns.

2.  We had an entertaining faculty meeting this week.  Far more entertaining than the usual because we did some Project Adventure stuff.  Some of it was very silly like rock, paper, scissors, but then we played an awesome game called Steal the Spot.  Why was it awesome?  Because I stole my principal's spot twice!  And it's an evaluation year and I don't even care!!  This is the most telling game I've ever seen and I think all administrators should have to play this game during their interviews so we can see if they are a good match for us.  One of our administrators demonstrated why he should not be in charge of us as he stood in the middle of the circle having no clue what was going on around him.  Yep, par for the course.

3.  All of my classes were totally into what we were doing this week.  It was weird.  They are all learning new vocab which means a lot of work for me, but something about what we did in each class made them really excited.  Especially 8th grade who is doing body parts and got to play Simon Dit (Simon Says).  And even 6th grade who is doing numbers but seems to think they are pretty cool.  I just make up random phone numbers and then have to see if they understand what I say.  Far more exciting that me just saying a number and asking what it is because it has some context as a phone number, even if it's not real.  And 7th grade is learning about hobbies and sports so they can finally talk about what they really do instead of which class they like the best and what color pencil they have!

4.  I had 2 riding lessons this week where Tucker was being a brat and I won.  This is new for me.  He pulled some shenanigans and I didn't let him continue.  And we cantered like we were meant to do this, not like I accidentally figured it out once only to lose it on the next one.  Progress, people, progress.

5.  A trainer at the gym told me I am strong.  I know I am strong, and members often tell me I am strong (because they think they are not, but they really are) but to have another employee tell me that was surprising.  And considering right now, I am not feeling like I'm at my strongest, that was nice.

6.  Oh, I'm doing 6 this week.  I had Scottish Breakfast Tea at a tea room a few weeks ago and really liked it.  Then I realized you see Irish Breakfast tea and English, but I've never found Scottish.  Until I accidentally found it (there I go with the accidental purchases again) the other day.  And I like it.  But I'm pretty sure it's nothing like what I tasted when I enjoyed it at the tea room.  This is a tad, umm, stronger and thicker.  Like burn the hair off your chest thicker.  Didn't know I had to be Braveheart to enjoy a cup!  But I was happy to find it!

Now go write and link up!  Cuz I said so!


  1. Sounds like you had a great week

    except for the birds

    be careful

    that is all

  2. We have wild turkeys in our village. Today was the first time I saw them at the beach.
    Would you ever consider posting about how to play steal the spot? It sounds intriguing. Happy FGF and thanks for hosting this week. XD

  3. OOO, Scottish tea! That does sound interesting!

    Sounds like you had a great week, especially the game with admin :)

  4. ok. i know i'm supposed to link up, but i really just want to tell you how much i LOVE your list. every single one of them made me happy.
    turkeys/hippos - laughing.
    clueless admin - laughing.
    kids learning from a clearly awesome teacher - happy that there are still teacher like you out there.
    teaching tucker who's boss - awesome.
    being strong - kick a$$!
    scottish tea putting hair on your chest - laughing again.

  5. Your week sounds like a lot of fun!!!!


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