Friday, March 11, 2011

Feel Good Friday

So, here we are again. Thegirl is still out doing something good, so I'm in charge.

Not sure what this Feel good Friday hoopla is all about? This is a marvelous thing created by thegirl and I've loved it since the first day I linked up. On Friday, you think back over your week and find a great thing that made you feel good, or you give us a list of things that made you feel good. I like to do my top 5 things. Some people just list them, but I have to give you the whole story behind why it was so feel good. It's what I do.

If you've never done Feel Good Friday before, hop on in! Go write a post on your own site, link it back to this one at the bottom and you'll get some new visitors and we'll get to see what made you happy.

1. This one was so easy and early in the week!  On Saturday, k-ster was out of town, so I volunteered at the Cultural Center for a concert.  It was some ethnic mix of music.  A lot of Irish and Jewish music which sounded surprisingly similar.  It was ok.  But then the polka music came out and I almost wet my pants with glee.  WHY is polka music so FUNNY?????  I guess I have never sat down and listened to polka.  This was super fast paced music and the guys were in hysterical costumes.  Because what else can you wear in a polka band?  For 30 minutes I was grinning and just so entertained.  I have a whole new respect for polka music.

2.  When I rode Tucker on Monday, we saw deer in the woods.  This fascinates me every time because it's rare for me to see them.  And I never get to see their whole bodies, just their big tails and they go bouncing off.  He doesn't like them so much.

3.  Speaking of riding, when I rode on Thursday, we tried something new for me and for him and it wasn't too bad.  We cantered from a walk which has been a big goal of mine ever since I found out you can do that.  He's not been trained to do that, so we had a lesson in learning yesterday and I think it was really good for both of us.

4.  One of my crocheting students whipped out a great scarf over the week.  So far, none of my students have actually completed something under my supervision, but she did.  It was a quick one and something I think I might use for future classes because it's manageable.  And it's funky, so if you make a mistake, it's not too noticeable.

5.  K-ster's grandfather turned 88 this week, so a bunch of us had Chinese food with him.  K-ster's family is enormous and mine is not, so this is something that has always fascinated me.  And I've been around long enough that they expect me to be there and take part.  Last night, there were 12 of us there and it was fun.  There were some good stories(a wild tale of catching horses while his uncle was in his underwear), some mediocre Chinese food and the chance for k-ster to be with his grandparents.  It's easy to take them for granted when you see them often, but he has no idea how lucky he is to still have grandparents at our age.  And that they are still kicking.  For the most part.  They have aged a lot in the last few years, but they aren't senile yet.  And they always remember me, so that's a nice thing!

Now, go forth and write a post and then come back and link up here.  We're nosy and we like good company!


  1. When I worked in a nursing home in PA there were tons of Polish folks there. They used to have polka hour for them. So funny!

  2. Sounds like a great week! I have been plagued with internet problems the past few days and see now that my earlier message did not post. Hope this one will!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!


  3. At an Oktoberfest once, I had the same experience when a polka came on. I think you can only be happy with a polka.
    There were 12 of us in my birth family. Family get togethers are wonderful. Props to you for being blessed to join in. XD

  4. Great Post--

    P O L K A makes me smile

    that is all


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