Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Time For Some Letters

I'm participating in:

Dear French people,

Please don't think all Americans are like those on Married With Children and The Simpsons.  I nearly died when my French friend told me today that her students know what donuts are because of Homer Simpson, so they could figure out what Dunkin' Donuts is.  And that they loved Married With Children.  While it's true that I may find Americans to be quite slovenly with their Uggs and I wouldn't call myself any kind of fashion plate, PLEASE don't think we all sit around eating donuts and sticking our hands down our pants.  UGH.  What a terrible image you have of us!

I do like me some donuts, though,

Dear Bacon,

Why do you have to stink up the entire house?  I rarely cook you  because I'm not really a fan, but when I do, your scent lingers in everything for days at a time and I feel like I'm back in the olden days when people had food cooking 24/7 and everyone had that food smell.

You really stink,

Dear Greenhouse,

Isn't it time for you to be fully assembled?  Can't you just be finished?  There is surely no greater test of a relationship than building a greenhouse together, with directions that are often vague.  It's March.  I've been fantasizing about getting things growing ALL WINTER LONG.   Can't we just be done with you?????

Tired of you mocking me,

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  1. I can not support your anti-bacon agenda. Sometimes I cook it JUST for the smell!


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