Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Turkey Time!!

Much to the chagrin of pbjdreamer, I have more turkey photos.  Unlike her, I am not afraid of birds at all.  I am not the biggest fan of caged birds, I would never own one,  but I like birds all right.  And I get annoyed when they wake me up with the cacophony in the early spring mornings, but I do love to hear them at any other time of the day.

When I first saw the gang of turkeys on Monday I was shocked.  Yesterday morning, I opened my curtains and there they were, strolling around my lawn, not phased by anything.  Today, I opened the curtains but they weren't there.  So sad..  It's bizarre how they appear and disappear.

So, I went out front to see if there were crows dancing on the chimney cap, I kid you not, they do this and it sounds like such a racket in the fireplace, and opened the door to this.  So I went out.  I was not afraid.  They are almost as tall as me and they came toward me but with looks of curiosity, not like they were out for blood.  So I took their pictures.  I thought the tom on the bottom was going to get all puffed for me but he didn't.

The thing I want to know is where do they come from and where do they go?  They literally just appeared, all 12 of them (we thought there were 11, but today there were 12).  How do 12 turkeys just materialize?  Then, they stroll across the street.  K-ster says they stop by here for coffee and the go over to m-ster's for breakfast.

That's totally the attitude they have.

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