Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jonathan's Ark

I know,  it's supposed to be Noah's.  9 year in a Christian school did teach me something.  But here is what I have to say on the matter.

One summer during college, probably the summer I graduated, some friends of mine were out somewhere.  Probably a bar where they played the Macarena a few too many thousand times.  It was that summer, at least, maybe not that night.  The Macarena and Killing Me Softly were the permanent soundtrack in my head that summer.

We met some guys who might have followed us to another bar.  The details are kind of fuzzy, not because I was drinking, but because it was all weird.  We didn't usually go out and do this.  We were not foxy ladies out for a night of fun.  I don't know what we were doing.  Eventually, we talked to them and found out they were renting a house for the week nearby.

One of the girls I was with really wanted the night to continue, and was going to go with them whether we did or not, so we all followed them home.  Where we had kielbasa.  I don't know.  I can't remember it all or why grilling kielbasa at midnight was necessary.

But what I can remember is that they were a little older.  And one or two of them had graduated with a degree in film, so they said.  And one had written a screen play called Jonathan's Ark.  And he told us what it was all about.  And we thought it would really become a film because it sounded good enough to be a film.

But here I sit, this many years later, and nothing called Jonathan's Ark has ever appeared on screen.  I remember googling it a few times, but nothing.  I haven't done it recently, so maybe it's out there.

Why am I telling you this?   Kelly over at the breakroom was telling us about a dream that the laundress had about her.  I commented that my dreams are full of so many special effects that Spielberg should call me when he runs out of ideas.  Spielberg-movies-movies--script-script-Jonathan's Ark.

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  1. wow

    You should keep a dream journal and make your own movies


    that is all


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