Sunday, March 13, 2011

Queridos Amigos

Dear Universe,

WHAT THE EFF???  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  You lead me to the decision in October that I should splurge on a greenhouse.  We all know what a saga this has been.  And yet, how many times have we gone outside with the intention of working on it only for you  to continue to be mean?

Like yesterday, did it have to be so windy?  Tornado Alley has nothing on the winds we experience yesterday.  So, after an awesome early morning ride in the woods, I came home to k-ster telling me he could finish what we he doing on the greenhouse, but no top or sides could go on.  Really?

Today promised to be beautiful.  Not a breath of air.  Just as we got outside to start the top, the wind picked up.  But it was manageable.  Until the clouds came and it rained.  REALLY????  We truly were going to get this baby finished today.

We managed to get the top on and secure.  Oh, but the company shorted us one piece of wiggle wire, so we had to fashion something until I get my voice on them tomorrow. And then the rain came.  And we ran to put everything back.  And now it's sunny.  REALLY???????


Dear Gwenstopher,

I am so sorry for locking you upstairs for like 14 hours the other day.  I heard you sneak in but I thought you snuck back out and I mentioned to k-ster that I thought you might be up there, but then I forgot to go back and look.  You probably thought you were living the high life for a while.  Until you got hungry and thirsty and realized you were stuck.

Maybe you haven't heard this little number:  curiosity killed the cat.  I know, you've let your curiosity run wild for 14 years and it hasn't gotten you yet.  Perhaps you should stop sneaking around and stop tempting fate.

Dreading finding the spot you might have used as your toilet,

Dear Adidas,


I am very picky about sports bras.  Not all of us can wear t-backs and yet this seems to be all anyone can make.  Everywhere I go, this is all I find, unless I'm looking for something for yoga, where you just need a little something.  I don't need a lot, but I need something more than a little something.  The t-backs really bother my shoulders which bothers my neck which bothers those around me when I'm mean because my neck and head hurt.

This little number here has been a favorite style of mine, but no one seems to make these anymore.  I shudder to think how much sweat I've poured into this little thing.  But I can't get rid of it until I find something that works.

Until last night, when I found this little gem at Marshall's.  I haven't actually worn, it but I tried it on and it felt so much better than the t-backs!  And it's pink, so you get a win win all around. 

Looking forward to no cricks in neck,

Dear Cobbler,

I love the work you've done for me.  I love that you are truly one of a kind around here.  I love that you are just down the road from me in your quaint little cobbler's shop.
But I couldn't help but almost wet myself laughing the other night when we drove by at 8:45pm and there was some kind of ROCKING affair going on there.  Was it a Cobbler's Convention?  Did the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe come with all of her children, all driving their own cars?  Was it a hoedown?  At 8:45pm, on a Wednesday, no less, I do not expect to come down the road to see your little tiny parking lot PACKED with cars, all of the lights in your place ablaze.  I am dying of curiosity.  What does a cobbler do with this many people, in the late evening, in the middle of the week?

Still chuckling,

Dear Daylight,

How thrilled I am that I can still see you until about 7pm now.  But, do you have to steal back that one hour?  Can't you do it on Friday night so we have all weekend to recover?  I love the later light, but this stealing of my time isn't too ok with me.  Think about how you can improve on this for the future.


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  1. HEEEE

    I always enjoy your letters

    Dear Sparkling

    I know you are all geniusy with letter writing, but do you have to make me laugh loud enough to make my boss curious?




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