Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Them Thar Turkeys

This was the site I woke up to this morning!  11 turkeys have descended upon us!  We first saw them yesterday afternoon and then as soon as I opened the curtain this morning, there they were!  They are such a strange site.  This morning they were just hanging around, some were laying down, some were all puffed up.  They are really huge!  We see them sometimes at school because we have a lot of woods, but what I've seen have been kind of scrawny.  Not these birds!  This is them running across the street after a loud truck sped by.  Watching them go through the fence was hysterical.


  1. Gobble, gobble. We used to have turkeys in our yard. They are strange, aren't they?

  2. I am scared to death of birds.Unless they are dead and cooked up with some pasta.


    off to look at other non threatening posts of yours

    that is all


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