Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it the Mid 1980s?

I was leaving school on Friday and this truck caught my eye.  Can you read the license plate?  NKOTB5.  Now, I was never a fan of New Kids on the Block.  I didn't swoon when I heard them.  I didn't rush to get tickets when they came to town.  I didn't care.  But I did think Joey McIntyre was a fine piece to look at.  Extremely fine.
If I were some of my friends, even today in 2011, I would have marched right back into school to figure out who owned this truck.  Or I would have sat in the parking lot until the driver appeared.  But, I am not my friends and I had things to do.  But the curiosity is overwhelming.

My theory is that it was Mr. Joey McIntyre himself.  Why?  Because he is the youngest member of NKOTB, which would make him #5, thus NKOTB5.  I know, you'd expect someone that successful wouldn't drive your average Joe's green pickup with stickers on the back window.  But that's all part of the plan.  He's trying to blend in. 

So now I have to figure out which kid is the kid of Joey McIntyre.  So, do I just randomly ask?  Do I post this picture on my Smartboard at the beginning of each class and look to see what happens?  Wait until someone says "hey, how come my dad's truck is on your board?"  Do I put in a morning announcement:  if anyone has a father with the initials J.M. please stop by Sparkling's room before the end of homeroom today?  How will I find out?  Because if Joey McIntyre was at my school and drives a truck, I need to see him.

And if it's not one of the real NKOTB?  What the hell is wrong with you?  It's been like 25 years.  Yes, they had a reunion tour.  But it's not cool to have this on your license plate in 2011!!  And it's NKOTB5, so does that mean that 4 other whackjobs have this on their license plates too?

I tried googling it but didn't get anywhere.  Not that I expected it to show up , but I thought maybe.  I know some cops, and I suppose I could ask them to check it out, but that's probably illegal.

And what will I do when I find out it IS Joey McINtyre?  WHAT WILL I DO???  Will I stalk him?  Will I feel the need to run through his neighborhood, EVERYDAY?  Will I have to make a home visit to talk about his kid?


  1. Sparkling

    You seem to VERY MUCH NEED TO KNOW.

    Leave a note on the truck asking them to call you.


    One of the main members of Puddle of Mud used to send his kid to my kid's school in a limo.


    that is all

  2. I would just assume that it IS the famous Joey - I would stalk the truck for a little while, then scream like a little school girl once I got a glimpse of him ;)

  3. Maybe I should start playing some old NKOTB music at dismissal and see if anyone's ears perk up... I am now on the lookout for this truck at all times. I went to the dean to ask who he was meeting with after school on Friday but he couldn't remember. He asked why. I couldn't say "well, I'm wondering if it's Joey McINtyre?" so I just said I was trying to figure out a license plate I saw.


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