Friday, March 25, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here it is again.  It's crazy how Fridays keep popping up like this!  thegirl is still working on her site and I'm hosting in her absence.  She's still around, if you go  look, because she has updated her site since she first went on break.  Now there's a countdown.   To what?  Who knows, but I think we can guess that it's the countdown to her return.

Not sure how to play?  Just go to your own blog, post a Feel Good Friday post and then come back and link to me!  Tell us what made you happy this week.  It can be one thing, 2 things, 5 things or whatever.  Grab the button and link back and you're off and running with your own feel good moments!  And we like to read what made everyone else happy.

1.  The funky, skinny jeans that I bought last week on a whim actually fit and were great to wear and I'd like to wear them every day.  Again, those are not my super long legs in the picture but I can dream, right?  I felt very Audrey Hepburn in them.

2.  I saw a funny sign in front of church today that made me laugh:  The jig is up- repent now.  I like churches with humor.

3.  This didn't happen this week, but let's pretend it did because it makes me laugh, no matter when I think about it and I thought about it one day this week.  I grow mint in my garden and I have learned that catnip is not the only mint that drives cats bananas.  Anything in the mint family will do.  We all know that it's like pot for cats and it makes the either dopey or crazy and clearly high.  I'm always amazed that they don't eat it all before I can pick any of it myself, but other than an occasional bender, Gwenstopher minds her business about it.  I think she intentionally forgets and then when I'm in there and she comes in, she's like WHOA, MINT!  I FORGOT!!!  WHOO HOOOOOOO.

So, it was the end of the fall and I had planned to harvest all of the mint and dry it and use it as catnip over the winter.  Coincidentally, we were doing a project at school involving making cat toys, so I told the kids I'd bring in some of the mint I was saving.  I went out with a big paper bag, the kind with handles, and put tons of stalks/leaves in the bag for drying and I put it on the kitchen table.

I went about my evening, putting away laundry, when I heard a crazy amount of noise from the kitchen.  I was certain that not only did a bookshelf fall off the wall, but an entire wall must have just caved in on itself because it was that loud. We have an old house, so this really isn't beyond the realm of possibilities.   Just as I was about to go investigate, this THING came tearing ass through my bedroom so fast, I didn't know what it was.  All I knew was that the THING was petrified and there was so.much.noise.

Sure that a raccoon, or a family of them, had somehow crashed through a whole wall in the kitchen and was now terrorizing my cat, I steeled myself for the trip to the kitchen to see the damage and try to figure out how to get the raccoons (s) out of my house and fix my cat.

As I walked into the living room, I saw it all.  And then I was laughing so hard, I further damaged Gwenstopher's fragile nerves.

It seems that "someone" became a little too curious about the  bag on the table.  As she climbed up, she must have truly thought her ship had arrived, for there, right in front of her, was a bag FULL of mint!!  She crept up to the bag, sniffed and was so intoxicated with the scent, she must have thought she could climb in for more.  At  this point, she either scared herself with the noise of the paper bag crushing under her weight (when you're under the influence, your senses get all messed up) or she heard me shut a drawer and thought she'd get in trouble, so she went to make her escape.  Except she somehow got caught in the two handles of the paper bag.

So when she jumped off the table, she was caught in the handles and the bag and mint came with her.  And this was too much, so she started to run.  Except this noisy bag, with all its deliciousness was now following her!  Everywhere she went.  In her altered state, she must have thought the biggest monster in the world was chasing her.  And she couldn't get rid of it.

As she came tearing through the house, she was sprinkling mint EVERYWHERE and the bag was crashing into walls and doors as she went, so it just got louder, scarier and surely, more surreal as she went.  What I thought was an animal chasing her was actually  HER with her new clothing- the paper bag that she was 'wearing' with the handles hanging on.

She finally managed to break free in the living room which meant the bag basically exploded and let her free but what was left of the mint also just dumped right there on the floor.

Then I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe and she got even more upset.  And I as I tried to tell the story to my students the next day, we were all laughing so hard, tears were just pouring.  Poor Gwenstopher.

I am happy to report this did not ruin her taste for the mint and she continues to partake whenever she can.

4. A student who is driving me right around the bend is coming around.  She may not be the death of me, this child.  She actually asked if she can stay for help on Monday and gave me something I would call effort today.

5.  I went to Geek Girl Camp over the weekend to "sell my wares"and actually made some sales.  I wasn't expecting much, because you usually don't do much business at an expo, but I did OK!  Yeah!

Ok, that's my top 5.  Now, go write your feel good moments for the week and then come back here and link up so we can share your joy.  It's been kind of lonely around here lately.  I may not have a cute site like thegirl had before she went to revamp the site, but I still like to hear what makes people happy!


  1. LOVE your cat story! That is hilarious. And there is nothing like a pair of good fitting jeans to make anybody's week. Happy Feel Good Friday!

  2. OMG, I am lmao using all this text phrases because I am still laughing so hard!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! You made me feel good!! Be sure to check out my Friday post because you are one of the people I am talking about!!!

  3. That Gwenstopher is going to be hanging out in my head for quite a while -- thanks for the fun image!

    Favorite line:

    ... she either scared herself with the noise of the paper bag crushing under her weight (when you're under the influence, your senses get all messed up)...

    Let the paranoia begin.


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